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Knowing Jesus

Join us for our current online bible study, Knowing Jesus. The best way to grow in our realtionship with Jesus, is by reading about Him. This study explores the gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John with our weekly study and bible reading plan.

The Gospels

These four books, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, give us a glimpse into the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. In our journey of Knowing Jesus more the first place to begin is here in the Gospels.

Bible Reading Plan

With our online bible study is a 3 month bible reading plan with a daily reading schedule. This is where we dig into the gospels as we pursue growing in our understanding of who Jesus is on a personal level.

Weekly HIghlights

Each week we will highlight one story, encounter, or aspect with Jesus. Often when we read scriptures, we may not take the time to pause and discover the deeper meaning behind the story. Learning to dig into God’s Word, finding the meaning behind the words, gives us a greater understanding to who Jesus is. 

Growing in Christ

Our heartcry is for all of us to grow in our relationship with Jesus. This is what this study is all about.

Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening

These are the words Samuel spoke as a boy when he heard God calling his name. Each day when we sit down to read God’s Word and spend time with Jesus, these words are our whispered prayer as well. Be sure to join our bible reading plans – weekly and monthly – here at The Restore Movement.


Bible Reading Plan through the gospels.


Bible Reading Plan through the gospels.


Bible Reading Plan thorugh the gospels.

Coming August 2019

Women of the Word Online Bible Study

Our Women of the Word study will take us deeper into the lives of the women found in the bible. Women who were filled with wisdom, overcame great obstacles, leaders, prophetess, teachers, servants, and more. Sisters, God has a call on each of our lives and this study will inspire us to step into our call with confidence and bravery, just as the women found in the bible did so many years ago.

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