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Real Women. Real Problems. Restored by Jesus.

Back Story: From Our Founder

Kristin Clouse, Founder and Lead Pastor

Back Story to The Restore Movement:

Kristin: The Restore Movement is something that was birthed from a seed God placed in my heart to see individuals healed and restored from the brokenness in their lives. All around us. In our churches, communities, neighborhoods, and families, we find people, our loved ones, who are struggling with brokenness. When I came to Jesus at the age of 21 years old, I was broken. I had a sexual abuse history which drove me to drugs and alcohol for coping. I didn’t have people during that time to help me with my healing and restoration. When I found Jesus I was blessed to have some amazing people come into my life to be spiritual parents, to counsel me, to be my pastors, friends and family I needed to walk with me through the healing process I so desperately needed.

As the years have gone by, through my role as a counselor or in ministry, many individuals have told me they too don’t have support in their lives. They have expressed a need to have someone walk with them through their season of healing and to disciple them through the broken process into restoration.

Their need resonated within me, this need for others, and I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to action.

In my early years as a believer, I was told repeatedly God turns all things around for His glory. My prayer as a young believer, “God turn around what the enemy of my soul meant to use to destroy me and use it for Your glory”, became my heart call. This heart call for God to use my pain to minister to others, to encourage, disciple, counsel, and pray for others.

This is where the seed of restoration started within me. It’s grown over the years, starting with teaching and preaching at retreats, groups, and as a speaker at conferences. I then felt the stirring of God to do more. In order to do more I needed to extend my tent stakes and to dream bigger. The second seed God dropped in my heart was this, “the more hands I can join with, the more women we can reach to find healing and restoration and which led us to The Restore Movement.

The heart call grew to gather women, counselors, pastors, leaders, trailblazers, prayer warriors, Jesus lovers, and life changers who have a heart to see women restored and healed through the power of Jesus Christ. To gather those who are broken and to provide a safe place of ministry, prayer, and discipleship of restoration.

Some have asked why a movement Kristin?

What I see God doing is not just a onetime conference event. Instead it’s a movement that changes not only communities and regions, but also goes beyond to influence and change states, our nation and our world. This is the moving of God’s presence, His Holy Spirit, to restore His people. God is raising up leaders, ordinary people just like me and the women on our team who have a heart and passion to see others restored.

We are a group of ordinary women, with ordinary lives, who have heard the call from Isaiah 6, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” We have spent time in prayer, asking for God’s cleansing power in our lives, and for God to send us. Our heart cry is for God to send us to the broken, the wounded. Whether it’s from shame, abuse, health issues, family, marriage, insecurities, dry seasons, broken dreams and so much more. We see the need and we have answered, “Send me.”

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