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Real Women. Real Problems. Restored by Jesus.

Can I call you friend? I guess for me, no one is a stranger. Let’s just imagine we are sitting together in person at your favorite coffee shop (I’ll order tea for me :)) or maybe we are sitting on lounge chairs overlooking the ocean? I’m telling you friend my happy place is the beach and that is where I would love to be with you right now. Sounds wonderful right?

As we are sitting in your favorite place I would be asking you to tell me your story. See, all of us have a story. Our stories are valuable and they contributed to who we are today. Some parts of our stories are joyful and others are filled with heartache, pain and brokenness. Some are in the middle of our struggles, mess, and brokenness right now. Others may be on the other side of their struggles, mess, and brokenness or just about to walk into it. Difficulties come throughout our lives. I wish some of them didn’t have to happen and for that my heart hurts with you.

I’m there with you friend. I’ve experienced some deeply hard seasons in my life. You know those types of seasons, hardship or pain where you wonder if you will survive? I’ve been there. Our stories are different, but each are so valuable. You my friend are valuable. I am so glad you have found us here at The Restore Movement. I pray you will find hope from being part of our community, our tribe. My heartfelt prayer is for all of God’s daughters to find healing and restoration from brokenness and then to walk into the FULLNESS of who God created each of us to be.

I look forward to our time together and WELCOME FRIEND!


Kristin Clouse, The Restore Movement Founder and Pastor

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